Basketball & Boxing

In 1944-45 they had a pre school at the Alta house. I lived on Prior Court, which was a straight walk to the Alta house. At 4 years old my mom dropped me off for pre-school, which was my first time and needless to say I didn’t like being their, so at 4 years old i snuck out a door and walked home. Bo,y was my Mom surprised to see me back home and I had done it on my own. In later years the Alta house become a big part of my life and my freinds, we played basketball, we used the pool table upstairs a lot, and we had a lot boxing bouts in the ring, as freindly little matches. We also crashed a few wedding receiptions at times. It has allways been a big part of our neighborhood and I hope it lasts forever to all the kids growing up in the best place in the world. I miss it all dearly !! Domenic Leo

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